Brain Nerd Powerful Nootropic Stack 30 or 60 Cap Bottle



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Brain Nerd is developed for extreme focus and memory enhancement.  What differentiates Brain Nerd from the rest of the nootropics on the market is the perfect amount of fatty acids which are delivered by the inclusion of coconut oil to actually be able to absorb the Aniracetam and Noopept.  Every other nootropic product out there relies on the person unknowingly ingesting fatty acids in order to absorb and transport the product to the blood stream. We have chosen the best and most effective ingredients that are proven to take your productivity to the next level! Such as Noopept,Aniracetam,DMAE,Choline,Organic coconut oil and CRL-40028!!


*This product contains ingredients* that should not be taken by people on MAO inhibitors, SSRIs, or any other psychiatric medicines. It should not be taken by people with psychiatric or neurological disorders, high blood pressure, cancer, or people on immunosuppressive therapy. It should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, or children under 18. It should not be taken within a 24 hour time period from alcohol or recreational drugs. If any undesired side effects are noticed, discontinue product immediately, and seek proper medical attention if needed.*

No claims are made about the safety of this product, nor are any medical or psychological benefits claimed.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

(This product is potent and is intended for adults only!)

(Do not abuse this substance and take as needed)



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Type: Cognitive support

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