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So you want to know a little about us!?

We are just 2 Insane brainiac's (Shane & Aaron) that have a passion for supplements and are striving to make an impact on society. We came together to create this product based off of multiple clinical trials and university studies* Every single ingredient is specifically chosen under the direct supervision of highly successful medical professionals and herbal experts.

The formulation for Brain Nerd Super Nootropic came from necessity. As a USAF K9 Explosive Handler stationed at Joint Base Andrews I needed something to keep me focused in deployed environments or when I was working for the President of the United States. I bar none had the world's most dangerous/stressful jobs and with the help of my good friends and family medical practitioners, I created to be what I would consider the world's closest thing to a real life limitless pill. If it keeps me alive and focused while doing my job and allowing me to keep the people I protect safe, it can definitely help you crush your next exam or interview! 

The whole world is finding out about the insane advantage our supplement offers and people are getting the edge in life they deserve and crave. Brain Nerd is different, Unlike other companies out there our products aren't, all pseudoscience or just talk. Our supplements deliver real results and nothing else compares to us. Try it and if you don't love it after a few days send it back for a refund! We want to share these wonderful high quality cognitive boosting supplements with the world and make a difference in your life. If you are a high functioning individual that demands the most out of every second of your day, this product is for you. If you don't settle for being average and walking the path of normality, we built this supplement company with your name on it. We are the "doers and go-getters of our generation", we build empires and crush anyone that gets in our path of success. We are Brain NERDS!

( We guarantee all of our products to be safe and free from any fillers or bi-products. Brain Nerd LLC is a veteran owned company dedicated to producing the best possible supplements that provide the best possible results, PERIOD!)

Shane & Aaron: 

We love our customers and are dedicated to customer service!

 We know you will enjoy the world's best and most potent Nootropics on the market. We have the best combination of ingredients and the highest standards in the industry. The manufacturing of all Brain Nerd products are produced in the great state of Florida. Our headquarters is located just outside of Washington DC. We are 100% American made and all of our products are NON-GMO,Gluten Free and free from anything that is not designed to benefit you or be ingested.  We intend to make you one of the family and a life long customer, so let us earn your business! 

Please if you have any questions or problems, allow us to try to rectify the situation before giving a negative review.  You can always contact us anytime @ "info@brainnerd.net"

Your satisfaction is our priority! 



We offer the best smart drug nootropics. Our products are designed to help you focus concentrate and study. With our products, you will feel limitless and get more work done than you ever imagined. We guarantee that you will love us or your money back. 

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